Eco-Phos Pickling System

In contrast to the Conventional Pickling Process, ECO-PHOS requires only one Treatment Tank.

The need for the following steps are negated:
  • Degreasing
  • Rinsing
  • Pickling
  • Phosphating
  • Rinsing
Only one Tank is required for the complete Process
Due to the principle of ECO-PHOS, the cost of the complete pickling line is greatly reduced compared to the conventional process and therefore more cost effective.

Even with the required modifications to the existing plant, the operating costs compared to conventional treatment are reduced in the long term.

ECO-PHOS degreases, de-rusts, de-scales and phosphates in a single operation without additional rinsing. There is only one Pickling Tank required. A newly developed system of pumps, filters, jets and rinsing ensure a high quality finish to your components.  

Modification of Plant

For specific modifications to suit challenging applications, we have our test facilities, where we can run an extensive test series so as to ensure the correct Plant Design for each application. Therefore, the customer will have the peace of mind that this Process will suit his application

Re-Cycling of the Chemicals

Further advantages of the Process, is the recycling of the chemicals that have been depleted during the Process. In certain situations, the chemicals used are recycled and reused. This gives the ECO-PHOS process a further environmental and economic edge.


The ECO-PHOS process can treat components, manufactured from normal steel and cast steel. ECO-PHOS serves as a pre-treatment for subsequent corrosion protection measures such as painting or galvanizing. During the natural drying process in a dry environment, a phosphate layer is formed on the surface of the Components. The phosphate layer reaches a thickness of 2 - 8 microns, depending on the drying conditions.

This layer prevents the cleaned Components from corrosion and the resulting of rust. This phosphate layer is elastic and temperature resistant from -30 to 200°C.  

Should the Components be covered in grease, oil or grime, a degreaser can be added to the solution.

ECO-PHOS has the following positive characteristics for industrial applications:

  • Non – Flammable.
  • No MAC Values (Maximum Allowable Concentrations).
  • No Fume extraction needed in the workplace.
  • No corrosive gases, therefore safe to use in closed areas.
  • Non – Poisonous.
  • ECO-PHOS works in a closed circuit.
  • No legislative requirements or approvals are needed for the implementation of ECO-PHOS.
  • Space saving installation – 1 tank instead of 5 or 6 tanks.
  • ECO-PHOS can be re-cycled.
  • Lower waste disposal costs.
ECO-PHOS lends itself to the cleaning of larger components due to the fact that the Plant construction costs are reduced. To achieve this, we have designed and constructed our tanks out of Polypropylene or Stainless Steel Components.

Diagram of Tank3.png