ECO-PHOS can be used for all types of steel, be it fabricated components, pipes, plates, sheets or castings, prior to the coating application. The size of the Components will not affect the application, the plant will be designed to suit all types, shapes and sizes.


Until now, due to the lack of a better alternative, sandblasting has been used for the cleaning of certain components. ECO-PHOS can now be applied for the cleaning of pipes, fittings and valves. This is extremely beneficial in the shipyards where sandblasting has been prevalent.

ECO-PHOS now offers a clean alternative to rinse, clean and pickle on site.

Steel Industry and Fabricators

Fabricators who pickle and clean for their own production, would have a huge advantage by using ECO-PHOS. The operation of this environmentally friendly pickling system, does not require any legislative approvals, can be easily integrated into the current working environment and does not affect the workplace with any hazardous vapours. Additionally, the corrosion problems that are associated with conventional pickling lines are avoided.

Oil IndustryAutomotive IndustryPower Stations

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The properties of ECO-PHOS are such that, they allow for the cleaning of existing installations. This can be a great advantage for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. With ECO-PHOS, the cleaning and rinsing of installed pipes and fittings can be affected with the use of specialised rinse technology.